Improving at sales shouldn’t be another full-time job.

Here you’ll discover “plug & play” sales tactics you can apply instantly to boost win rate & deal size.

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Hi Friend 🙂

Most Sales Training has failed you.

I’m here to change that.
You’ve been failed in two ways:

  • Impractical training content;
  • Taught in a sub-optimal way

Hear me out:

The majority of sales managers, coaches, and enablement teams are focused on theoretical scenarios that are not realistic…

You’ve likely left an enablement session thinking, “okay great, but how can I actually do this in my current deal?”

Or, you may feel completely stuck because all your training has been focused on your company’s solution and its capabilities.

And that’s IF you get any coaching or sales enablement at all!

The struggle to level-up is frustrating to say the least… improving your sales skills shouldn’t be another full-time job with full-time stress.

As a former teacher, I know first hand that everyone learns differently…

…and it’s important for you to have content that’s designed for you (and that lovely brain
of yours🤓).

This is where I come in to help.

I went from teaching middle schoolers to becoming an AE at 3 unicorn companies (startup companies with a value of over $1 billion).

And now I’m back teaching all the things I uncovered while closing millions of dollars in those roles.

No “high level” concepts.

No “10,000 foot views.”

Just tactical, step-by-step playbooks, templates, and examples you can instantly activate
in your current deals…

…all so you can increase your win-rate and average deal size in the short term…

…and unlock the successful, fulfilling career in sales you’ve always dreamed of.

Let’s get started, shall we?


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Focus Areas

Avoid Being Ghosted

Getting ghosted is the worst. Here you'll discover how to boost momentum between meetings and reclaim the attention of your buyers if need be.


Multithreading is something you've heard before, but few do it right. Here we focus on the tactical methods of multithreading so you can use it in your current deals.


Discovery can make or break your deals. We focus on the key questions that will help you uncover bigger deals, faster.

Career Advancement

It's no secret that sales careers are high velocity. Having worked at multiple $1B+ tech companies, I share exactly how to land your dream job.

Executive Conversations

Understanding how to contextualize conversations to different audiences is a skill few sellers have. Together we'll explore exactly what executives care about and how to speak their language.

Account Planning

Proper planning ALWAYS prevents poor performance. Here you'll master the art of analyzing any sized company so you can stand out from all your competition.

Meet Krysten

I never expected to end up in Sales. I was going to be a teacher. Help people. Change the world.

After 3 years of teaching middle school history, I loved the kids but I was

It seemed like a good time to return to our family’s global insurance agency. This was a business I knew well, and my parents were looking to pass it to a
new generation.

Over several years, I led multiple departments, from Operations to
Training to Sales.

The most important thing I learned: I was not passionate about running an insurance agency.

This was a particularly low point because it forced me to re-think (again) what I wanted to do with my life.

I still wanted to teach, help people and change the world.

And I realized that when I was doing Sales for our agency, it felt like I was
doing all three.

So we sold the agency, I dove back into sales and never looked back.

From entertainment to construction to retail to property management to consulting to health care to financial services to waste management to manufacturing to software. I’ve worked with all types of clients.

* One of my clients was selected as his organization’s CEO after he helped his whole team become more data-driven.

* One director used work we did together at 2 national conference presentations. It grew her visibility inside + outside her organization. She got a new role at Apple.

* One team we work with uses science to tackle some of the world’s greatest health threats.

I never expected to end up in Sales. But because I did, I’m still a teacher. Teaching & coaching early-stage AEs.

I’m helping people. Helping individuals change their lives. And helping organizations sell better.

And some of those organizations have gone on to change the world.

Ashley Ettenson
Ashley Ettenson
RVP of Marketing Cloud @ SalesForce
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Since day one of joining my team, Krysten led from the front in so many ways. As an example, when we kicked off the new FINS industry vertical she was quick to create (and share) her customer messaging with the rest of the team. She does the research, cranks out her ideas, asks for feedback from peers/leaders, goes for it, and then shares everything with the broader team. That collaborative spirit is how teams win. We all have something to contribute, and Krysten leads by example when it comes to bringing ideas and refining together for a result that is greater than the sum of one person’s work. She’s fearless, hard working, smart and someone who keeps the customer at the center of everything she does.
Tom Kidd
Tom Kidd
Account Executive
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I'm not really sure if anyone I follow posts better actionable sales tips than you. Put a pay wall on it so I can invest my commission and keep these ideas to a smaller audience! Jokes aside, thank you sincerely. I used your post about multi threads to close my biggest deal yet. No reply needed, just owe you a thank you. 🙏🏻
Chris Benoit
Chris Benoit
VP of Enterprise Sales @ Tableau Software, A Salesforce Company
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I had the fortune of being a part of Krysten's interview panel at Tableau and worked within the same group. She demonstrates dedication, consistency, thoughtfulness, and creativity. Sales is a craft to Krysten. She relentlessly pursued perfection in her prospecting efforts, often attending local seminars, networking with sales professionals, and developing new messaging to A/B test effectiveness. Krysten is courageous enough to lead from the front, stay the course, or try new approaches. Any sales organization would benefit from Krysten as a member of their team!
Matt K.
Matt K.
Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) @ Lone Wolf Real Estate Technologies
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KC - I wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for taking some of your time to present to the sales team at Lone Wolf. The feedback from your session has been phenomenal and you absolutely nailed our key topic.
Joel McBride
Joel McBride
Director of Sales - East @ Outreach
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Krysten is one of the most knowledge hungry people I have ever met. She would research products, companies, competitors, podcasts, storytellers, tech and sales leaders, 3rd party analysts. You name it she read it or researched it. She could then apply it to help her hone her craft or apply it to help a customer overcome a challenge. This was a skill that made her incredibly credible to those she engages with. She was also quick to build rapport with new customers. She was always extremely prepared, transparent and honest. I wish Krysten the best in her next endeavor.

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