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Less than 40% of sellers met their quotas last year.

Many sellers work long hours, trying to keep up. Yet they almost always feel behind, scattered and reactive.

They are burned out, stressed out, and running on empty.

Sellers want to be coached, but their managers don’t have the time. 1:1’s are just pipeline reviews.

AND even if they did have time – sales leaders and enablement teams don’t really know what it’s like to be a seller every day. When was the last time they sold anything? (WTF 🙄)

Then you’ve got the sales books and podcasts.

There are so many. It’s hard to focus. It’s too much. What specifically applies to our roles? Gap Selling ? Spin selling? Challenger sale? All of the above?

How do we implement and incorporate what we learn?

I struggled with all of this. To the point that early in my career, I regularly worked 70 hour weeks, trying to figure out how to be a top performer.
I want to help you avoid what I went through.
I want you to feel calm and confident as a seller – and have a life.

That’s why I offer 1-on-1 Sales Coaching and Mentorship.

Let’s chat about your goals and come up with a plan together.

With Krysten’s coaching, I was able to achieve 193.01% attainment for my first 2 monthly quotas. And this is my first AE role!

I was able to use Krysten’s templates and guides to create a good buying experience. And this led to faster deal cycles and higher win rates.

Krysten’s coaching cut my learning curve in half and greatly increased my confidence. I’d highly recommend working with her!

Paulina Ramierz, PhD
Paulina Ramierz, PhD

AE @ Toggl

Today I'm offering 1:1 Sales Coaching and Mentorship

I coach you on all of the things I mentioned above while also keeping you accountable to ensure that you learn the
systems that you can use forever to meet and exceed your quota, regardless of segment or tenure in sales.

Book time with me today to discuss your goals and align on a plan together.

About Krysten

Empowering tech sellers to close more complex deals is what drives me.

I spent 12 years in Enterprise sales as an Account Executive with multi-billion dollar tech companies like Salesforce, Tableau and Outreach.

Along the way, I blew past performance goals in multiple roles. Doing 14X what anyone had done in my territory, being #1 in new logo acquisition, and achieving a 47.6% win rate.

It wasn’t always like that, though.

Early on, I couldn’t confidently qualify deals in or out quickly. I wasted lots of time on deals that didn’t turn out to be real.

My discovery felt haphazard, and I struggled to get prospects to go in depth or quantify their pain.

My first sales cycles were some of the longest on the team. Deals frequently slipped, and I got ghosted a lot.

All which I felt powerless to change.

I was always waiting for the customer. I didn’t know how to lead so buyers wanted to follow.

You might relate to feeling like I did: burnt out, anxious, and like you don’t belong in sales.

The sad part is feeling behind, scattered, and overwhelmed has become the new norm.

It took me over 10 years to gain the confidence, knowledge and skills that I needed to be a consistent top performer.

My mission is to ensure you get there faster – by sharing what I’ve discovered throughout my 12-year career.

My content and training has been featured by:

–> pclub / Chris Orlob
–> 30 Minutes to President’s Club
–> Kevin Dorsey / Live Better, Sell Better
–> Sell Better / Daily Sales Show
–> Outbound Squad
–> Challenger
–> Vidyard
–> RepVue

Today, as a sales coach and mentor, I leverage my experiences to empower individuals and organizations, continuing my mission to educate, assist, and instigate positive transformations in the world.

Let’s start by hearing about your challenges and where you want to go in sales.

Reserve 30 minutes with me using the button below and we can explore ways we can get you to the next level – whatever that may be.

Can’t wait to meet you!


$15.7+ M Closed

$15.7+ M Closed

Krysten has closed over $17.5M of revenue on behalf of various organizations throughout her sales career.

20k Hours as a Seller

20k Hours as a Seller

With over a decade of experience in sales, Krysten has “seen it all” and is equipped to help you on your specific journey.

Diverse Seller

Diverse Seller

Krysten’s success wasn’t a fluke. She has been successful in many different environments and can help you succeed in yours. 

75-90% Self-sourced Pipeline for 7 years

75-90% Self-sourced Pipeline for 7 years

Krysten has mastered pipeline generation and can help you stop relying on SDRs or marketing to fuel your success.

Skills You'll Master

Territory Planning

Territory Planning

Account Prioritization

Account Prioritization

Account Research & PoVs

Account Research & PoVs

Pipeline Generation & Messaging

Pipeline Generation & Messaging

Multi Threading &  Champion Building

Multi Threading & Champion Building

MEDDICC & Other Sales Frameworks

MEDDICC & Other Sales Frameworks

Sales Mindset Coaching

Sales Mindset Coaching

Career Coaching

Career Coaching

Loved working with Krysten! She was able to help me focus on the next steps to be successful during a difficult quarter, outline and coach how I can use my strengths to move forward, and is also overall a very kind and authentic individual. I’m really glad I invested in having Krysten as a coach. !

Katharine M.
Katharine M.

Commercial Account Manager @ Notion

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I was hesitant to do a sales coaching class because you don’t know if it will be worth it, but I can say it was money well spent.

I found the group program extremely valuable. Everything we covered were things that in the everyday sales world we know about, but we don’t spend the time to actually discuss them or at least talk about them at length. So for me to be able to sit in week after week, re-learning these things, discussing them in-depth, and getting viewpoints from everyone’s perspective from different levels/companies/industries was extremely valuable.

Also having the links to all the resources to go back & review is really valuable. Because it might have not been hitting it in that one moment, but when something comes up, I can go right back to it.

Whether you are a seasoned sales exec or new to the sales world, you will learn and grow by being part of Krysten’s group class.

Lauren Strnad
Lauren Strnad

Account Executive @ Nuvo

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